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  • We start different
  • In the past, the initial treatment starts 1 - 2 months because the treatment plan relies on the Plaster Model based on the teeth. Now, because of the use of Digital Data the treatment can start within 10 Days after the initial consultation.

  • Different accuracy
  • At Shibuya Orthodontics, we remove the「Ambiguity」before the treatment start. We make sure that our patients get the fastest treatment. With the use of CT Scan・X-ray・3D Imaging, are to measure the precise alignment of the teeth. With the data gathered and the use of computer, we simulate a 3D figure which that use to analyze the movement of the teeth to get the perfect alignment.

  • Different way of thinking
  • To provide the best quality and the fastest treatment, we use the state of the art equipments to get the ideal result. We always think ahead to provide the best treatment to our patients.

③ The Best「Fast Lingual Braces」suitable for all.

「Fast Lingual Braces」is a optional orthodontic treatment. See it with your own eyes how fast this treatment that we offer. If you are interested please contact us.

  • Treatment Cost
  • Coverage Cost of Treatment

    Basic Orthodontic Treatment


    FAST Orthodontic Treatment


    Surgical Orthodontic Treatment

    (+ Surgical Cost)

    ※The total cost covers the whole treatment from start until the end of the treatment.
    ※ We accept payment by Cash, Credit Card or Dental Loan up to 120 times the maximum.
    ※ The treatment cost may vary depending on the case of the patient, Please feel free to contact us.
    ※ The maintenance fee is separated after the end of the treatment.

    ■ Not included in the Total Cost of Treatment
    ① After Treatment Maintenance Fee: ¥5,000
    ② General Dental Treatment (tooth decay, etc.)
    ③ Tooth Extraction: 1 Tooth, ¥15,000

  • Discount Deals
  • Discount

    One Time Payment Discount


    Student Discount
    ※ Student ID is required.


    Referral Discount
    ※ Only for our patients referred customers.


    Family Subsequent Discount


    ※ All Discounts can be used together.
    ※ Please note that if there is a change in the consumption tax rate, we will charge you with the tax rate of the day.
    ※ We will require you to start paying within 1 month from the contract date.

④ Free Consultation

Even if we do Free Consultations, we're not forcing our patients to accept our treatment. Anyone is welcome to our clinic and receive our free consultation. And also other patients in other hospitals, please feel free to ask questions as much as you like.

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